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Ranging in cost from as little as $50/month to $300/month for our all-in management system, complete with daily and weekly reviews and training and coaching programs, we have a platform that is right for your business.

Managed Enterprise Solutions

Our customized and fully managed inventory and reporting solutions will help you oversee operations across multiple locations in real time. Our experienced staff handles the details behind the scenes, managing recipes, inventory prices, invoices, and all the data collection for a top-notch back office system.

How may we help you achieve your goals?
Cost Savings

The use of SweetData’s platforms will save you money. Plain and simple. We look for savings equal to 1/2 point from our data analytics, 1.5 points from our managed inventory and 1 point from our labor scheduler.


We provide a single platform for all your locations, allowing you to oversee them all in the same manner with the same process, regardless of point-of-sale system, franchise, or geography.


Our interface for reporting, food cost, and scheduling is simple and easy to use. We don’t believe in cluttering our product with 1000’s of report options. We give you the options you want most, design them to your specifications, and then maintain those options.


POS and Vendor Neutrality: We integrate with a large number of POS systems and food vendors and remain neutral in our approach. What you see on our site looks largely the same, regardless of POS or vendor. See our integration partners and systems here.

Sweet Products

The SweetData product suite is geared for the multi-location operator and offers some key benefits to the owner and multi-site manager.
Reporting & Analytics

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Inventory & Menu Costing

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Scheduling & Labor

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Management & Coaching

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Even Sweeter Support

We provide personalized account management and support. We have a very tight support team that gets to know each of our locations and each of our clients, and they get to know us. Being able to speak to the same person without the tyranny of outsourced support or a mind-numbing ticket system makes for a much better, more productive relationship.

About Us

Located in beautiful Austin, Texas, SweetData Concepts was founded in 2000 and provides inventory control and data reporting solutions across a wide variety of chains in the United States. We focus on continuous improvement of our support, reporting, and inventory control systems.

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What we do is not simple, we just make it look that way.

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